Thursday, March 24, 2016

I Dare You to Touch These!

No other stockings will engage your five senses like these do:

  1. Sight: They are beautiful to look at. Unlike your everyday stocking, these will have you take a second look. Now imagine what it will do to others when you're wearing them.
  2. Smell: They don't have that cheap silk smell. They give off a classic yet romantic aroma even after you've worn them a hundred times.
  3. Taste: They look and smell so good you will want to taste them. Imagine what this will do to your partner.
  4. Hearing: So smooth you won't hear them going on or off. 
  5. Touch: Strong, but delicate. Nothing says you have good taste like the touch of these stockings.
Sadly they are so ridiculously priced because every thread is hand threaded.